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This project was started as a professional collaboration between two people dedicated to their own personal growth while helping others.

Chris Kittredge

Chris has over 10 years of experience in the field of Adult Education through his time in the U.S. Navy and commercial nuclear power fields. Over the years, he has developed a strong passion for personal and professional development with regards to goal setting and individual improvement. Through his own life’s failures and successes, he hopes to help inspire and encourage others to explore their own path towards healing and self improvement in a community environment.

Twitter: @chris_kittredge

Anna Savino

Anna has almost 20 years experience in Education. She started as a preschool teacher while working on her Bachelor’s in Child and Adolescent development before completing her Master’s in Cross-Cultural Teaching. She now works as an English teacher, Induction Mentor, EL Curriculum Specialist, and Guide Teacher. From a young age, she has made an effort to build leadership skills and a service-oriented work ethic. Outside of work, her passions for personal growth and writing merge in her upcoming fantastical memoir, Sparrows Well. She willingly shares her vulnerable journey with hope of helping others who also seek deep, personal healing.

Twitter: @ASMILEwithAnna

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